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Your Own Hardware Box with Full control on Your Data and Communications

Ultimax Box is a new private home server : one that’s distributed, user-powered, and forever yours.  Leveraging Zero Knowledge Technology, forming the most private, secure, and sustainable hub owned by you.

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Keep all your communications and collaborations private

The files stored in your own Utimax Box are ONLY readable to you. Nobody has access to the data stored in your box except you.  Most online storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud have all your data stored physically in their servers, your data’s privacy is at risk as the company's staff could easily have access to your data. Even if your data is encrypted during storage, your password or set of encryption keys is often stored along with your data, making it easily decoded by anyone with local access to those servers.

With Ultimax Box, you store your data on your own server and create your password in the same private server. Once created, a strong key derivation function generates encryption keys using that password, and no trace of your original password is ever stored.

Ultimax Box uses a layered approach to encryption, using a combination of 2048 bit RSA and 256 bit AES.

The outer level keys are never stored in plaintext on the your own Utimax Box.

The outer level keys are encrypted with 256 bit AES, using a key created by the key derivation/strengthening algorithm PBKDF2 (using sha256), with 16384 rounds, and 32 bytes of random data "salt". This approach prevents brute force and pre-computation or database attacks against the key. This means that a user who knows her password can generate the outer level encryption key using PBKDF2 and the salt. From there, she can then decipher the outer level keys, and be on the way to decrypting her data. Without knowledge of the password, however, the data is unreadable.

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Our Offers


1TB SSD Harddisk

  • 4 Cores x86 CPU

  • 8GB Memory

  • Supports up to 4TB external HD

  • Absolute No Monthly Fee


2TB SSD Harddisk

  • 4 Cores x86 CPU

  • 8GB Memory

  • Supports up to 4TB external HD

  • Absolute No Monthly Fee


4TB SSD Harddisk

  • 8 Cores x86 CPU

  • 16GB Memory

  • Supports up to 8TB external HD

  • Absolute No Monthly Fee

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8 Finance St, Central, Hong Kong

2295 3308

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